Post holiday wrap-up

Two weeks – beach, rainforest, bliss….

I spent the first two weeks of April getting away from it all on holidays in Queensland.  It was the first ‘real’ holiday my family had taken for a while – one that didn’t involve visiting family and was more than a few days away.  We really had a chance to unwind, reconnect, get closer to nature and spend time exploring some gorgeous towns and eating/drinking.

Lamington National Park

Lamington National Park

Pat's Bluff, Lamington National Park

Pat’s Bluff, Lamington National Park

A couple of observations for me personally:

  • I enjoyed a mix of atmospheres in the places we visited – getting away from it all (we spent 4 nights in a cabin an hour’s drive from the nearest town), as well as bustling seaside town that had lots of great restaurants, produce and a hive of activity. We enjoyed hiking in the rainforest and biking along the seaside.
  • More than a week was ideal to really unwind and get a chance reconnect to each other and ourselves
  • Traveling with toddlers isn’t always easy or relaxing and definitely needs a good dose of ‘go with the flow’ and a good sense of humour. A couple of the highlights for us were taking our son to a wildlife show where spotted tail quoll was fed a full chunk of kangaroo tail as ‘enrichment’ (including the fur), later as our 19month old son grabbed a whole apple and proceeded to devour it (it took him quite some time and effort) – it seemed like we had found our son’s enrichment!
  • I definitely didn’t get anywhere near as much done as I’d hoped to – I was thinking I’d have plenty of ‘down time’ in which I could catch up on reading, meditation, writing and other projects I had on the go – definitely didn’t happen!
  • I didn’t sleep as well in different beds, and traveling around to different spots meant some pack-up time which I hadn’t accounted for, in addition to the drive time.
  • I loved discovering local markets and fresh produce available in the different locations. Finding succulent prawns during our time by the seaside, late season plums, freshly roasted macadamia nuts, and mountainous strawberries were highlights of the trip for me.
  • During the trip I did get a few opportunities to take some time out for me – and that was really needed to recharge and refuel my own energy – a couple of afternoons at the spa, and a chance to meet up with a friend for coffee were bliss!
Noosa Beach

Noosa Beach

The trip was fantastic, but it flew by, and I definitely felt like I didn’t get as much ‘relaxation’ and down time as I was used to from traveling before having a toddler in tow.  But coming back to reality, and I found that the trip had made quite an impact on me – I no longer felt depleted and a little like I was dragging, instead I had a spring in my step and had more inspiration and creativity in my day, I had more energy to tackle things and patience with the little things that had been getting to me before.  Finding time to explore, discover and reconnect were so important for me to maintain my own energy levels and definitely left me feel reinvigorating to deal with the day-to-day of life, work and a toddler.

Glasshouse mountains

Glasshouse mountains

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