Change your mindset, Change your outlook

I recently decided I needed to change my paradigm in a few areas of my life, in order to get out of a rut and refresh my outlook.  I found that had set up certain ‘assumptions’ in my mind, or things that I held to be true, which I really hadn’t challenged.  By challenging old assumptions, I was really able to give myself a fresh outlook on life.


Having lived internationally for the past ten years, I continually told myself that I should see other parts of the world, and I’d travel in Australia later.  But after ten years, and continually putting off my list of Australian vacation spots, I decided it was time to change that mindset.  It constantly seemed too far away, or something that I could do ‘anytime’ and I was telling myself that should make the most of my time living in other countries to see the world.  But it got to the point when so many of my colleagues had seen more of my own country than I had, and my bucket list didn’t seem to be getting any shorter.  So rather than feel like I was denied the opportunity to see more of my own country – I decided to challenge those assumptions I’d made about Australia being too far away, or somewhere I could see ‘later’ – and I booked a trip.  I’m pretty excited about exploring parts of my native country that are new to me.

Travel has always been something that has been a priority to me.  I have fond memories of various trips I took with my family when I was young, travel with school whilst I was in high school and then since I started working – travel has been one of the permanent features in my life.  Its something I find invigorating, refreshing and energizing.  Experiencing different cultures, exploring new places, discovering hidden gems and immersing myself in what makes a place tick are things that I love.

Booking a trip to Lamington National Park left me with such a feeling of freedom, lightness and invigoration about going somewhere new, and getting to finally visit somewhere that had been on my bucket list for a while, that I wondered how I could replicate that feeling by changing up other mindsets that I’d had, and mixing up my routine a little to get myself out of a ‘rut’.  So rather than stick to our usual weekend routine – my husband, son and I became ‘tourists’ in the city where we live for a day.  We ventured north from our house about an hour to the city of Autthaya, which is an ancient city that was the capital of the Kingdom of Siam from 1351 to 1767.  It is known for housing the ruins of many ancient Buddhist temples that were places of worship of Siamese royalty and is today listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site.  While it was pretty hot, it was also fascinating to see the ruins of the ancient temples – a whole different culture and way of life, not very far from my doorstep.  After a morning of exploring temples, we capped off the outing by enjoying cold drinks and snacks sitting outside by the Chao Praya river.  It was a simple day trip, but window into a whole different era in history and culture so different to our own. 


I hadn’t realized how much my weeks had fallen into a pattern or a routine.  Its easy to try to follow our own routine and way of life, even when living in a foreign country, but for a day it was refreshing to immerse ourselves in culture where we live and open our eyes to what is around us.  Just by going on a small excursion, but seemed like somewhat of an ‘adventure’ to somewhere new and a little off the beaten path, I felt much more revitalized and that I had really made the most of my weekend.  What other things do you enjoy that you’re denying yourself?  How can you challenge your mindset, shift your paradigm or mix up your routine a little to feel more invigorated or even ‘treat’ yourself a little??

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