Who am I?  My name is Deanne and this is a place for me to publish my writing aRenting -1 - Version 2nd share it with the world.  I live in Perth with my husband and two sons, and by day I work for a Fortune 500 company, where I am passionate about leading teams to solve challenging operational and engineering problems, creating sustainable change and connecting people to build a positive, dynamic organization.

In addition to my day job, I enjoy experimenting with food, trying out new restaurants, testing new recipes and different food experiences.  I love traveling, seeing the world and learning about other cultures as well as myself.  I’m always reading, discovering and learning.

I grew up in Perth, Western Australia, which according to Wikipedia (therefore it must be true), is the most isolated city in the world.  As long as I can remember I wanted to travel and see the world.  So when I graduated from university, I embarked on a two month journey back-packing around the US and Canada – and the itinerary was determined by – of course FOOD!!  Highlights of that trip included Key Lime Pie in the Florida Keys; pizza by the slice, cheesecake and bagels in New York; roast turkey Christmas dinner with all the trimmings in Calgary, philly cheese-steak sandwiches in Philadelphia and many more delights that I discovered along the way.

Since that trip my eyes (and belly) have delighted in many more unique foods from around the world – home cooked dishes that have been handed down from generations, street food and fine dining restaurants.  I’ve relished dishes such as paella from steaming huge vats from a Barcelona street fair, home cooked stampot and piping hot, crispy poffertjes coated in butter and powdered icing sugar from a market in The Netherlands, sizzling German curry-wurst squirted with mustard in a crunchy roll; spicy noodles from street vendors in Thailand; fresh, cripsy roti in Malaysia; wood-fired Peking Duck in Beijing just to name a few.  I find food one of the best ways to really learn and understand different cultures – it’s the way that people relate and celebrate, it features local ingredients and often is a culmination of years of traditions from within the culture.  Local dishes are one of the first things I seek when I go to a new place, and I’ve been known to have friends and colleagues suggest the best local dish – even writing down what to order in foreign languages for me to hand to a waiter at a local restaurant, complete with hand drawn maps for directions to the best hidden local restaurants or street vendors.  In addition – I often have tips and recommendations for my friends to try when they visit different places around the world.  I’ve even been known to go out of my way (quite a bit) for a good cup of coffee!

I love to learn about food, where it comes from and how food has evolved in different cultures.  I feel like its the way that people connect and a common shared language around the world.  I love seeing the passion that people have about food – the way its grown and the unique dishes and flavours created.  I’m passionate about discovering unique and artisan food, and celebrating the range from simple to exotic flavours.

This blog is a collection of my writing, and about my travels, food experience and inspiration on life.  Its a place to collect my thoughts on things that bring me joy and to share with them with the world.