Land of Plenty Podcast – Episode 18

Ryan Creed of Life cykel

Life cykel

Ryan Creed and Julian Mitchell are passionate about where food comes from, and started developing their ideas for getting Australians to grow their own food in the form of a ‘grow your own food’ challenge on a mine-site they were working at in north-west Australia.  They were inspired by the pride people felt as they brought in photos of their before and after veggie patches as part of the ‘grow your own food’ challenge.  After researching different ways to support home food growth, they came across the TED talk ‘How Mushrooms will Save the World’ and through a sustainability grant from the City of Fremantle, they went on to develop grow-your-own mushroom kits and Australia’s first coffee-ground recycling oyster mushroom farm.  Located near the Fremantle cafe-strip, the pair collect used coffee grounds from local cafes and seed them with mushroom spores in their near-by sea-container turned mushroom farm, and then after harvesting mushrooms, they sell the mushrooms back to local restaurants.  Its exciting to see the energy behind this movement to recycle coffee grounds!  The pair are now expanding the coffee ground mushroom farm concept across Australia.  Tune in to the podcast episode to hear their story and learn more about revolution to grow more food locally and turn a waste product into food!

Land of Plenty – Episode 17

Sophie Zalokar of Foragers Field Kitchen & Cooking SchoolSophie Zalokar

Sophie Zalokar and is the chef and owner, along with her husband Chris, of Foragers Field Kitchen and Cooking School.  She grew up in the Barossa Valley in South Australia and trained as a chef under renowned Australian chef, Maggie Beer.  She values locally grown produce, regional culinary heritage and honest, flavoursome dishes and believes that the food we prepare is one of the most important cultural things that connect people to a place.

Sophie and Chris moved to Pemberton in the South West of Western Australia in 2005, purchasing an existing property with farm stay cottages that they eventually converted into Foragers Field Kitchen and Cooking School.  They run specialty dinners every Saturday night, hold cooking classes and special events and also have 6 accommodation cottages on the property.  Sophie has written two books, and is also featured on ABC radio and is participates in regional food events around Western Australia as a teacher, author and guest chef.

Listen in to this episode of The Land of Plenty podcast to hear about Sophie & Chris’ journey to build Foragers’ into what it is today, and some delicious examples of the wonderful menu at Foragers, along with Sophie’s insights on what makes Australian food unique.

You can find out more about Sophie at or Forager’s Field Kitchen and Cooking School at