Land of Plenty Podcast – Episode 14

Kim & Jason Lewis from Cooloola Berries

Cooloola Berries
In this episode hear from Kim & Jason Lewis from Cooloola Berries on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland.  Their passion for strawberry farming spans three generations. Growers from Robinvale to Bundaberg knew Jason’s grandparents as good, reliable professionals, tracking their movements across the country. Jason’s parents grew strawberries in the Lockyer Valley between 1970 and 1990. In the mid 1990’s drought and low prices were just some of the major challenges for small crop farmers. In 2005, Jason began growing strawberries while he continued full time off farm work. The family began building on the earlier success of selling premium strawberry varieties at local farmers markets.

In 2007, Jason purchased a 10 acre rose farm in Wolvi. The farming spirit underpins their success, the family is directly involved in planting, harvesting and selling farm produce. Jason’s passing for growing the best produce is stronger than ever. One of the greatest achievements has been opening the gates of the family farm, sharing the romance of picking sweet, ripe, delicious fruit.

Cooloola Berries is passionate about promoting the value of quality local food production. Farm gate visitors experience the feel, smell and taste of several strawberry varieties.


Local support ensures the viability of small scale food producers. We are directly involvement in planting, growing, harvesting and the direct sale of our products. All of our fruit is sold within a 100km radius including direct from the farm and locally at farmers markets.

Listen in to hear more about their small-scale farming practice, how the family shares their passion for farming and produce with the local community and how the Lewis’ are developing upscaled products and experiences from the farm, in addition to great tasting berries.  Kim and Jason will be representing Australia at the Slow Food convivium ‘Terra Madre’ in Turin in Italy in September as small scale farm representatives, and are passionate about family farming that directly benefits local communities.

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Land of Plenty Podcast – Episode 13

Katy Barfield – of The Yume App

Katy Barfield started her journey in reducing food waste as CEO of non-profit Second Bite, and quickly realized the scale of the global issues created by food waste, which led her to found The Yume App – a platform for businesses and consumers to connect in order to reduce food waste.  Termed an ‘ebay’ for food, the app allows businesses to post excess food online, and connect with willing buyers at a discounted rate, or if no buyers can be found, easily and promptly donate the food to a charity.  Initially the app started as a business to consumer app, where restaurants etc could post excess meals (as easily as writing a tweet) and consumers could purchase discounted food.  Currently Yume is focusing on developing their Business to Business platform to enable wholesale sales of excess food.  Yume has been developed through a lot of personal equity and sweat equity from Katy, along with a strategic angel investor that has been involved since February 2015, and they are currently going through an expansion round of investor funding. 

Listen in to learn more about the facts around food waste, what Yume hopes to achieve through their platform to reduce food waste, and some ideas of what you can do to reduce food waste in your own house.

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Land of Plenty Podcast – Episode 12

In Episode 12, learn more about Cameron Romeril and The Soda Press Co.  Cameron Romeril, owner of Soda Press Co. has jumped into beverage industry with his healthier, and way tastier version of a soda machine syrup, which can be used for all kinds of special beverage moments, or just for everyday drinking. Their packaging is completely recyclable, and that they support sustainable farming where they can. Their soda syrups use 30-50% less sugar than traditional syrups.

Cameron shares his insights into operating as a start-up in the food/beverage industry and how The Soda Press Co is working to producing a product that is tastier, healthier and more sustainable than large scale competition in the beverage industry.  He also shares his perspective on the environmental impacts of our consumption choices, especially in the consumer beverage industry.

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Cameron Romeril

Land of Plenty – Episode 11

Michelle McManus of Southampton Homestead & Farm

In Episode 11, hear about Southampton Homestead and Farm a triple-heritage listed property, located on the banks of the Blackwood River.  The farm is 49 Hectares or 120 acres in size and located 12 kilometres south of Balingup and 250 Kilometres South of Perth in the picturesque Blackwood River Valley, Western Australia.  They use regenerative farming methods to produce pasture raised chickens and ducks.

Listen in to hear about how they have built up the property after recovering from a catastrophic bush fire, and their philosophy on raising delicious poultry with more traditional farming methods.  Their chickens and ducks are available for purchase across Western Australia.

For more information – visit the Southampton Homestead website