Top Ten Tips for Traveling with an Infant

Travel has always been an important part of my life – something that energizes and inspires me, and upon becoming a mother – I really didn’t want that to change.  My son is now 18 months old and we’re about to embark on his 8th trip involving flights around Asia and the Australasia region, along with as many road rips as well.  Since we live in Bangkok and some of our travel has been around the Asian region, I’ve had to be pretty prepared, and picked up quite a few lessons on making travel easier with infants. Continue reading

Change your mindset, Change your outlook

I recently decided I needed to change my paradigm in a few areas of my life, in order to get out of a rut and refresh my outlook.  I found that had set up certain ‘assumptions’ in my mind, or things that I held to be true, which I really hadn’t challenged.  By challenging old assumptions, I was really able to give myself a fresh outlook on life.

Autthaya Continue reading

Thai cooking School

I’ve always enjoyed cooking, and love experiencing different cultures through the lens of their cuisine.  So having lived in Thailand for 18 months, I thought it was time to learn more about the fundamentals of cooking Thai food, and went along to a half day cooking class at Baipai cooking school in Bangkok.  Baipai was a wonderful school set in an old Thai teak house, with open air kitchens and lots of large fans.  The kitchens overlooked beautiful gardens and ponds, and were well set up with large demonstration areas where students could sit on stools and watch the Thai chef prepare each dish, as well as individual cooking stations for each student. Continue reading